Best Drumsticks For Beginners In 2021

What Are The Best Drumsticks For Beginners?

best drumsticks for beginners

My Top 5 Best Drumsticks For Beginners

This article takes looks at the best drumsticks for beginners. When starting out playing the drums, deciding the right drumstick for a beginner can be a scary and confusing task.

There are so many different drumstick brands, sizes, shapes, and tips that you might just resort to picking the first one you see.

In order to avoid making that mistake, I decided it would be appropriate to create a guide to help beginner drummers choose the correct drumstick.

After reading this drumstick resource, you should go away with a much better idea as to which are the best drumsticks for beginners.

Vic Firth 5APromark 5BVic Firth 2BVic Firth SD-1
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In order to choose the best beginner drumsticks, we need to keep in mind the following points: Size/Tip/Wood/Brand

What Size Drumstick Size is best for beginners?

When talking about the size of drumsticks we look for a specific lettering and numbering system that is constant throughout the drumsticks world.

Examples of drumstick sizes are 7A, 5A, 5B, 7B, etc. So now you’re wondering which drumstick size is the best for the beginner drummer? In my opinion, the 5B drumstick is the best size to start playing drums with. Let me begin to explain why…

So the 5B drumstick is right in the middle of the drumstick spectrums when you consider how long the stick is, how thick the stick is and how much the sticks weigh. That makes the 5B drumstick a fantastic starting point for beginners.

What I mean by starting point is that for beginners, the 5B stick may not necessarily be the long-term choice for you. But as a platform to start it is good because from here you can determine what drumstick you would prefer next. Perhaps you may decide after using a 5B stick that you’d prefer a stick that weighs more or perhaps a stick that weighs less. You might decide to go for a longer drumstick or a shorter drumstick. Do you see where I’m going with this? As a base for deciding the best drumstick for beginners, the 5B is the top choice.

5A or 5B Best Drumsticks for Beginners?

Some might say that 5A is the most popular drumstick size, therefore, why would I choose the 5B for beginners? Well to answer this question, the reason why I believe the 5B is better for beginner drummers is due to the thickness of the stick. This means it is able to absorb more from each hit which will ultimately allow you to play for longer. Especially for beginners who have not yet developed the strength to handle the vibration from constant drumming.

Having said all that (and argued my point), It most likely that beginner drummers will start out using 5A drumsticks. So, for those adventurous drummers out there you can take my advice and start with a 5B. Or you can do the common thing (which is not a bad choice at all) and go for 5A sticks. Lastly, my ultimate piece of advice is that I would honestly recommend buying 5A, 5B, and 7A sticks when starting out to determine which of those most popular stick sizes will suit your needs.

What Drumstick Tip for Novice Drummers?

This can be quite a tricky part in buying sticks for new drummers. There are a lot of tips and each does specific things. The different tips include Teardrop tips, round tips, oval tips, and barrel tips. There are also two different materials of tips which include plain wood or nylon tips. For beginners, the best tip size to choose is the oval tip. This is the most common

1) Vic Firth 5A

vic firth 5a best drumsticks for beginners

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Every drummer owns (or has owned) a pair of 5A’s. That is what makes these the best drumsticks for beginners period.

Vic Firth’s 5A is the most versatile drum stick out there. You’ll see it on world tours, in big-name studios, at the bar, and in your local high school’s band room. It’s a good choice for rock, jazz, blues, and metal, among all other styles. Therefore this is exactly why it’s number one on this. Despite having said that I recommend 5B’s.

When you’re starting out, you’ll want a stick that’ll allow you to explore and experiment without getting held back or discouraged. You don’t want a drum stick that’s too heavy, too soft, or unbalanced.

Of all the other 5As on the market, Vic Firth’s is an excellent size and weight for most drummers. This leads to the fact that it’s the most widely played.

If you don’t have a pair of 5As and have never used them before you’re cheating yourself if you don’t get a pair today.

2) Promark 5B

promark 5b

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These were the drumsticks that I started out with as a beginner drummer. As I’ve mentioned already, this is not always the conventional stick choice for those starting out. But then again, no stick is a “conventional choice” because it all comes down to preference.

The Promark 5B’s allowed me to develop my chops and improve my playing quickly. The weaker drummer might find these too heavy in the beginner. But, after some time, you’ll pick up a set of 5A’s and they’ll feel like pencils compared to the 5B by Promark.

A great stick choice and you can’t go wrong with a pair of these in your drumming arsenal.

3) Vic Firth 2B

vic firth 2b drumsticks

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You’re a drummer. Hitting things with big wooden sticks to make loud noises is what you need to feel alive. Vic Firth’s 2Bs are the sticks you need to satisfy your cravings and they come with the added bonus of building your chops while you do it. They’re like getting a GQ body on a beer and burgers diet.

The 2B’s are similar to the 5A’s in length but are fatter and therefore heavier. This makes them good drumsticks for beginners because their weight will help you develop your grip strength and they’re going to last you a long time before they break. You don’t want money to get in the way of your learning and Vic Firth’s 2Bs are the reliable pair of drum sticks you need to keep you in business

4) Vic Firth SD1

top 5 best drumsticks for beginners

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When you’re learning your rudiments, building your concert snare chops, and developing finesse, Vic Firth’s SD1s are the pair of sticks you need to have.

Like the 5As, the Vic Firth SD1 (Officially SD1 General) is legendary. Most drummers have used these as practice sticks at least once in their lives. Their ideal use is in an orchestral setting. As a result, you’ll want these sticks while you’re developing your stick control and speed when you work through books like Mitchell Peters’ Developing Dexterity.

I like to suggest these as the best drumsticks for beginners who are looking to develop their chops. Did you know that you get an awesome drumstick accessory in the form of a drumstick holder which allows you to keep all your sticks in one place,

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