Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World

What Are The Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World

Every now and then I like to do a fun post about some of the most expensive drum items available just for a laugh. In this post, I’m going to be looking at the most expensive drum sticks in the world.

most expensive drumsticks in the world

Nowadays, the price of drum sticks are already pretty high in my opinion but the ones featured in this list are pretty much the most expensive drumsticks I could find on the market.

Most of these drumsticks are for the professional drummer or those that are able to afford these. I personally have not tried any of these but from what I’ve read up about them, they do tend to justify their high price.

Having said that, for the average drummer there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there. But, for the fun of it as well as education part of it, let us delve into the world of the world’s most expensive drumsticks.

\When talking about the most expensive drum sticks, I’m only looking at the price of a single pair of drumsticks and not a bulk pack.

I think many of you will be surprised to see the prices of some of these expensive drumsticks. I’d like to also note that I may be completely wrong about these prices. When doing my research I filtered from most expensive and this is what I got…

1) Promark Hickory 3R Peter Criss

Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World promark peter criss

Promark Hickory 3R Peter Criss Wood Tip drumstick

The Peter Criss signature 3R Hickory Drumstick by Promark is the most expensive pair of drumsticks I could find. Peter Criss is one of the founding members of the legendary rock/metal band, Kiss. Peter Criss has been inducted into the hall of fame.

These drumsticks are made from hickory which is the most popular type of wood for sticks. The special thing about this particular expensive drumstick is that it has a diameter of a 7A stick whilst being made to be as long as a 5A stick. This drumstick was made in the USA and has an arrowhead type of tip.

2) Vic Firth SVC Vinnie Colaiuta

Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World vic firth

Vic Firth SVC Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Drumsticks

The second most expensive drumstick I found is another signature. This time, it is the Vic Firth SVC Vinnie Colaiuta drumsticks. Vinnie Colaiuta is one of the world’s top session drummers and has drummed for Frank Zappa and Sting just to name a few.

His signature Vic Firth drumstick is essentially a 5B drumstick as it has a 5B sized body. However, it differs in the area of the neck of the stick whereby it is thicker. This expensive drum stick is fitted with a wooden tear drop tip.

3) Ahead MF-2B Metal Fusion

Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World ahead drumsticks

Ahead Metal Fuse Long Taper Sticks (Pair) Black Tip 2B

Ahead are a drumstick company most well-known for making indestructible drumsticks. Their sticks are generally geared towards those playing heavier types of music such as rock or metal. This particular version is laid out pretty much the same as its 2B counterpart. These are featured in my list of best drumsticks for metal because they are so resilient. 

The only difference is that it was designed to be hit even harder and is able to withstand an even heavier beating. Whilst it is an expensive drumstick, one has to consider the indestructibility of this drumstick and in the long run, could land up saving you money from having to replace sticks.

4) Vic Firth Titan Carbon Fiber

Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World carbon fiber drumstick

Vic Firth Titan Carbon Fiber Drumsticks 5B American Classic Profile

This is Vic Firth 5B carbon fiber drumstick. For the simple reason alone, being that it is made out of carbon fiber should be no surprise to you that it is part of the most expensive drum stick list.

The carbon fiber construct and the 5B size of this drumstick make it exceptionally durable. This Vic Firth carbon fiber drumstick has an acorn tip.

5) Eric Singer Kiss Kruise III

Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World eric singer kiss kruise

Eric Singer KISS Kruise III Orange Drumstick Set

What are the chances of two Kiss signature drumsticks being featured on the same list of the most expensive drum sticks in the world? Very likely apparently! As here we have another Kiss drummer’s signature drumstick. This one is Eric Singer’s from Kiss and is made/produced by Zildjian.

6) Promark TXFW Anton Fig

promark Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World

ProMark TXAFW Hickory Wood Tip Anton Fig Drumsticks

Anton fig is a great drummer known for his work around the world. I didn’t realize his signature drumsticks were as expensive as they are. I have yet to try these drumsticks by Promark although I plan to get my hands on these in the near future and give you guys a review of this drumstick.

Why is this drumstick in particular so expensive? To answer the question I actually have no idea however I am sure there is pretty good reasoning for it.

Promark are one of the best drumstick manufacturers in the world. A unique feature of this Anton Fig expensive drumstick is the different color which indicated the optimal gripping position for this drumstick.

Conclusion: Most Expensive Drumsticks In The World

To conclude this article I’d like to point out once again that this list is for fun and I could be exceptionally wrong about this list.

I did mention already that I filtered the products from highest price to lowest and this is what I got. I hope you enjoyed this kind of article and would be interested to know if I should make more of this type. Keep an eye out for all our other drumsticks and drum gear related reviews.

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