How To Play Rebound Strokes – Speed Drumming Technique

Speed Drumming Technique

speed drumming technique

Fast drumming will come with time – and NOW IS THE TIME! We have spent some lessons developing your hands and wrists, gaining control over fundamental strokes and motions.

But now it is time to move into more advanced areas of drumming and develop some significant drumming speed with single strokes, and in future lessons, double strokes.

This lesson is dedicated to teaching you how to PROPERLY “let go” of the sticks and begin using the natural rebound in the drum head to play faster!  This is a lot of fun and opens the door to truly fast drumming!

To accomplish this we must master another fundamental stroke: Rebound Stroke.

Preliminary Stroke Number Seven: Rebound Stroke

To begin practicing this stroke let’s start with what I call “dribbling” the stick. It is literally like bouncing a basketball. If you throw a basketball to the ground, it will come right back up to your hand. The drum head will do the same thing do the bead of your drum stick.

Follow these steps one stick at a time:

(watch the video below for a full demonstration)

Step 1: Relax all your fingers on your hand and let go of the stick except your first finger and thumb. Use them to cradle the stick at the balance point.
Step 2: Lift the shoulder of the stick with your other hand.
Step 3: Drop the stick and begin “dribbling” the stick with your index finger.
Step 4: Push the stick down with your index finger and allow the drum to throw it back up.

Tips for Speed Drumming Technique Success:

  • Work for a smooth continuous up and down motion.
  • Utilize all the rebound in the head to do the upward lifting work. 
  • Use the weight of your stick and your hand to create a well-supported sound.
  • Try to keep your index finger as close to the stick as possible, and “go along for the ride” on the way up. 
  • Let the drum do as much work as possible.

Applying the Rebound Stroke to Exercises

Once you have mastered dribbling the stick, and have a great feel for allowing the drum to do all the lifting work, you can put your fingers back in their normal position. We begin drumming by holding on to the stick as always, but when applying the rebound stroke, allow the stick to move away from your palm just enough to let the drum throw the stick up.

Real life fast drumming requires you to “hold on”, and “let go” very quickly in a fraction of a second. Don’t make the mistake of letting go more than is necessary to achieve the proper motions and speed required.

Now apply this rebound stroke to the exercises below. If you don’t know how to read this, check out my post on HOW TO READ DRUM NOTES

Eight on a Hand – Rebound Stroke

Single Stroke Roll


Remember to hold on to the sticks using wrists strokes on the 8th notes, apply the rebound stroke to the sextuplets. Achieve a smooth instant change between these two motions. 

Single 32nd Note Single Stroke Rolls

Work hard at this. It is a blast to play FAST! I have spent more hours than I can possibly count with my sticks, pad and a metronome building up my single stroke speed. It is VERY rewarding to be able to play as fast as you want in any drumming situation!  GOOD LUCK with this one!

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