Best Electronic Drum Set For Kids and Juniors

There is absolutely no beating the acoustic drum set when it comes to drumming. However, as a beginner or kid, you have to first make yourself familiar with the various options of drums. These include both electronic and acoustic options that are available today.

So, think about how kids would like to get into drumming but would find it intimidating to look at the huge acoustic drum set. Therefore, to instill a sense of confidence as well as ensure that they can learn the basics of drumming without any problems, one would need to provide them with electronic drum sets. Furthermore, the electronic sets are much better than regular drum practice pads because they actually produce a sound. Yes, these drum sets are extremely good to look at, and pretty awesome; although, they are definitely no match when it comes to performance with the acoustic drumming. However, there has got to be a starting point for any person. And electronic drums would make for the perfect instrument for any child willing to get into the music industry.

The Top Drum Kits For 3-Year-Olds and Juniors, Review:

Like any other product, electronic drum sets are a dime a dozen. Choosing the best from amongst them can prove to be a very big problem. Herein, we have listed some of the best electronic drum sets for kids for you to have a look at and take a pick. Just keep in mind that most of these options don’t come with a dedicated drum throne however, they are not needed unless you go for a full-on kit.

1) Roland SPD-SX


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In my personal opinion, the Roland SPD-SX is not only the best drum portable drum set for kids but it is a piece of drum equipment that is an investment. It may be quite a bit more expensive than other models but the possibilities with this product are endless. You can load your own sounds and samples and create loops, use them as a metronome for drums and the list goes on. I would be here all day if I were to mention all of the features and things that the Roland SPD-SX can do.

The number one reason why I recommend this piece of gear, not only to kids but beginners in general. Is because the resell value on these units is incredible. So if you land up finding that your little one has lost interest then you can be assured that you’ll get a decent amount back when you sell these on the second-hand market. It is a fantastic tool to learn drums as well as practice.

2) Pyle Electronic Drum Pad Set (PTED01)

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This is my top choice when it comes to junior electric kits.  This kit is definitely one of the most favored amongst the customers. One can merely understand the kind of favoritism children have towards this particular product.


  • This one has seven drum pads that are featured with touch sensitivity. It also has two pedals so as to recreate the bass drums. Furthermore, also contains 25 preset drum loops.
  • Featuring the presence of a USB port, which can be used as MIDI in or out.
  • Lastly, five-user kits along with 215 percussion voices with over 100 songs.

3) Alesis DM6 USB 5 Piece Kit

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This product is definitely is one of the best that you can find in the market. Comprehensive in its planning and execution, this product looks and feels like the real acoustic drum set, thereby letting your child have an early feel of the real thing.


  • The Alesis is a realistic feeling drum set.
  • They come along with cymbal pads that will be able to translate the hits that have been given to the drum pads
  • It has a USB MIDI output, which can be used for sending data to all the virtual instruments as well as software on your computer.
  • DM6 drum model features consist of an auxiliary input so that you can practice with audio speakers or with headphones.
  • Over 15 programmable drum loops in this particular product.

4) Paxcess 7-Pad digital drum pad

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One of the most interesting features about this set is that it looks heavenly, and perfect for the kids. A brilliant rating makes it one of the toughest contenders for parents when selecting an electronic drum set for children.


  • Contains seven pads that are fully assigned with over 10 user kits, one demo song, along with 20 preset kits and 215 voices.
  • Has a height stand that can be adjustable according to the height of the child.
  • Includes accessories like the A/C adapter, drumsticks, along with bonus tracks and an instructional manual, and video features.

5) Elecsmart USB PC Drum Pads Electronic (Rolls Up)

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The product that has caught the fancy of kids scoring 5 out of 5 stars looks and feels exactly like what a child would want as a playing instrument. This product is definitely the fancy of an adult that would like to remain in his or her childhood.


  • This is the perfect drum kit and a wonderful gift for the kids that would love to play the drums.
  • Made out of silicone, the drum pad can easily be rolled up for easy storage facilities. You can even carry it around during the holidays with your child.
  • The total power in the drum set is through USB. There is no need for any battery.
  • It can record and play back the drum loops along with efficient programming.

6) Yamaha YDD40 Electric Drums JR

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Good looking, and a wonderful taskmaster is something that goes to be designated with this drum kit.


  • 15 programmable drum kits along with customized solutions of kits.
  • 4 pads for efficient learning and drumming.
  • Auxiliary input so that drumming can happen by playing along with your music.
  • The presence of a music book in the electronic drum set.

Benefits Of a Children’s Electronic Drum Set

The other factor as to why people do not prefer to provide acoustic drums to children is due to the noise. Children, you gotta agree, have a lot of fun and enjoyment when there is a lot of noise involved. However, if you think about the elderly living in your house, the neighbors, as well as all the other people in the locality, then you got to think about some other solution and take the electronic drum route. The best part about electronic drum sets is that you could just plug in your headphones, and you can get the sound amplified in your headphones without having to disturb the peace of others. Thus, silent drum kits such as the one’s featured below will be great.

Electric Drums Offer Flexibility For Kids

Other benefits of electronic drum kits include changing the tone of the drums, the tempo as well as undertake enough customization so as to create your own drum loops, without any problems whatsoever. Moreover, most of the drum sets have now been included in games like Guitar Hero, which only adds to the glamour of playing this particular instrument, especially for practicing.

As a child, you would need to do your utmost in order to learn a new instrument, and drumming can definitely be your go-to instrument if you’re willing to persevere and give it a try. For parents, you need to encourage your child to take up an instrument, to not only ensure that they would learn a new skill but to make sure that they can take the frustration out in the form of music.

Rebellious music, heavy metal, as well as a lot of technical songs, requires excellent drumming. However, think about the soul, jazz, or for that matter any form of music, and you would find the drums play an integral part in each and every form of music. In any part of the world, any part of your country, music being played does require a certain amount of drums. So, as a parent, you understand that instilling a sense of wonderment in your child helping him or she understand the essence of playing drums is definitely something that you would want as a parent.

The Toddler Drum Kit Buyers Guide (Electric Edition):

However, as a responsible parent, it is your duty to provide the best electronic drum set for kids.

Let’s have a look at some of the electronic drum set necessities: –

  1. You, as responsible parents, would need to provide the electronic drum set which is the best in the market. It does not mean spending a ridiculous amount of money on the drum set, rather you have to spend within your means, but extract the maximum value out of the purchase.
  2. Go through the different kinds of instruments in this category, and find out the best from amongst the lot.
  3. Find an electronic drum set that does not look intimidating, and your child can easily enjoy being in it.
  4. Ask the customization features from the salesperson, and make sure that it is easy enough for your child to understand.

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