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My Top 5 Best Drumsticks For Metal Genres

best drumsticks for metal

So you’re a drummer and you’re looking to play metal music but you don’t know which drumsticks to choose? Worry no more as I’ll guide you through deciding between the best drumsticks for metal music.

Now, there are literally hundreds of different types of sub-genres for metal and heavy metal so I could be here for the next year if I decided to focus on a specific metal genre. Instead, I’ll be looking at heavy metal drumsticks for the genre as a whole.

Hopefully, after reading this you’ll have a much better understanding and an idea of the types and kinds of drumsticks suited for heavy metal.

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So when thinking about metal music drumming there are two words that immediately come to mind. These two words are “fast” and “heavy”. What I mean by this is that the drummer playing metal will be playing fast and loud.

Therefore you’d want a drumstick that is light enough to play fast but strong enough to withstand a beating and be able to produce a loud enough sound for metal. We’ll keep this in mind whilst continuing the review on the best drumsticks for metal.

The Size of the Drumstick For Metal Music?

One would immediately assume that for heavy metal, a drummer would need the heaviest and thickest drumstick. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Remember how I mentioned above that whilst playing heavy and loud is part of drumming, playing fast at higher tempos is also part of metal drumming.

Therefore we need to find a drumstick that is able to do the best of both worlds when it comes to speed and sound.

In my opinion, the 3 best sizes for metal in order are as follows:

  • 5B: This size drumstick is probably the most popular size for metal music. And, for very good reason too.  The 5B’s are slightly thicker than the 5A’s and thus less prone to breaking from hard-hitting. They’re a perfect balance between not too light and not too heavy at least in my view.
  • 5A: If the 5B drumstick is perhaps too heavy for your heavy metal drumming needs then I suggest the 5A as it is lighter in weight compared to the 5B. The 5A is a good choice for the metal drummer who hits the drums at medium strength.
  • 2B: The 2B drumstick is essentially designed for marching bands but due to its weight and strength it is often favored by some metal drummers who like them for their louder and heavier sound.

What Type of Wood Drumstick For Metal Music?

The type of material or type of wood you choose often comes down to personal preference. But for metal drums, there are two clear types of wood/material that come to mind. These two are:

Oak Drumsticks: So why do I choose oak for metal drumming instead of maple of hickory? Well, oak is a much more dark and dense type of wood compared to maple and hickory. Therefore the oak wood is able to withstand much more of a beating then perhaps maple or hickory could.

Graphite or Aluminium: Another popular choice of drumstick material for metal drummers are graphite/aluminum or other indestructible type materials. When I think of these types of sticks, Lars Ulrich from Metallica comes to mind as he used Ahead sticks for a long time which are said to be indestructible.

What Tip For Heavy Metal drumsticks?

The drumstick tip is one of the hardest parts of the drumstick to recommend however I can certainly try to guide you to choose the best drumstick tip for metal.

As I always say, this boils down to personal preference so don’t take my word as the spoken word but rather as a guide. I recommend the following two tips for Metal music drumming:

  • Oval Tip: besides for being the most popular drumstick tip I feel the oval tip is best suited for metal because it is the biggest of the tip surface areas and as a result gives you a heavier and more well-rounded sound.
  • Barrel Tip: This is also a good choice drumstick tip for metal drumming as it gives you a wide and fuller sound.

Deciding between a nylon tip or wooden tip comes down to what you want to achieve in terms of tone and feel. I always say that the nylon tips sound much brighter than the wooden tips.

Personally, I’ve always preferred a wooden tip for all genres of music including metal. However, there is no real standard when it comes to heavy metal drumstick tips.

Best Drumsticks for Metal Drumming?

In my opinion, a good drummer will be able to play metal music with any drumstick. However, there are definitely some models out there that are more suitable towards the metal drumming style.

I’ll be looking at what I think are some of the best drumstick models for metal music below.

1) Vic Firth 2B Drumstick

Vic Firth american classic 2b

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The vic Firth classic 2B’s are my best drumsticks for metal. In the world of heavy metal drumming, one of the most popular pair of drumsticks is the Vic Firth 2b.

This drumstick has a nice heavy weight to it which essentially leads to a louder sound which is often looked for in metal music. The Vic Firth 2b can be purchased with a wooden or nylon tip with my preference leaning towards the wooden tip.

However, I know many metal drummers who use the nylon tip version. The type of tip that this drumstick has is a tear-drop tip which is something not always specific to metal but it is a versatile drumstick tip.

2) Vic Firth American Sound 5B

vic firth american sound 5b drumsticks

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My favorite size drumstick for metal is the 5b which I mentioned earlier in this article. My best 5b drumstick is this one made by Vic Firth.

This 2b drumstick comes with a round wooden tip which gives some nice clarity in sound but most importantly, is concise in the way it hits and sounds which is something I personally look for in a heavy metal drum sound.

3) Ahead Metal Fuse 2B

heavy metal drumsticks

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Here is another drumstick that is popular in the metal as well as rock genre. It is the Ahead Metal Fuse 2B. Ahead are not a new brand and are certainly most well known for their metal and rock drumsticks.

They are also known for their incredible ingenuity and changing the game when it comes to what we know drumstick to be. What truly separates the Ahead sticks from the rest is the fact that they last almost ten times longer in comparison to traditional wood.

They also reduce unwanted shock from hard hits and are comfortable to hold. If you’re a heavy hitting drummer, you won’t go wrong with any model in their range. I chose to feature the 2b because in my opinion is the best drumstick for metal.

4) Regal Tip X-Series

drumsticks for metal

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If playing metal drums as fast as possible is something you want to achieve then I highly recommend this pair of drumsticks by RegalTip. This drumstick was manufactured in such a way as to allow for the most hits to be made per minute whilst staying fully accurate with each hit.

This is due to the special tip that comes on this RegalTip metal drumstick model. When you look closely at this drumstick tip, you’ll notice it resembles a honey dripper.

This is something I’ve never really seen on any other drumstick before. However, this really does allow you to play much faster but also a lot harder as it has been made with the metal drummer in mind.

5) Promark Chris Adler Drumstick

top 5 best drumsticks for metal

I was reluctant to add a signature drumstick to this list because there are so many heavy metal drummers that have their own signature stick. Having said that, I added it because I really like this drumstick and in particular for when I play metal.

The reason is because of the wooden barrel tip that it has. This barrel tip gives a massive drum sound which is something I personally like.

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