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Looking at the best drumstick brand

What is the best drumstick brand

There are endless options for drumstick brands out there today. Buying the best drumstick brand for your needs does not have to be difficult.

I’ll guide you through this process in this article. Simply follow my simple rules below as well as my recommendations which will help to determine what makes a good drumstick brand and which ones are.

Follow these three simple rules:

  • First, get a quality wood stick
  • Second, get a stick with a big enough shaft (main body where you hold the stick) to be substantial in your hand.
  • Third, get drumsticks that are balanced and straight.
Vic Firth SD2Vic Firth SDWVic Firth SSGPromark TXDC17WPromark TXDC8W

WARNING: Avoid gimmicks, gizmos, flashy colors, and designs. Metal, plastic, and nylon, are NOT the way to go. Some quality wood sticks have a nylon/plastic tip and serve a specific purpose. But for general technique development and playing, go with a wood tip.

Let’s talk about some specific models and makes that fit the three guidelines above and what I consider to be the best drumstick brands.

My Top Drumstick Brand Manufacturers

In my opinion, the top two manufacturers of the best drumstick brand out there are Vic Firth and Promark.

I have had a great experience with everything that I have purchased from either of these two drumstick brands. They have been around for a long time and make very good, high-quality products.

Their drumsticks are balanced well and last. You can’t go wrong with products and sticks made by either one. Don’t get distracted with the endless choices out there. Here are some top models that you can start with.

Preferred Models by Vic Firth

When it comes to technique development, the size of the shaft is one of the most important features. To develop your hands, wrists, fingers, and arms properly. You need a stick that is substantial in your hand. Here are some of the most popular options when it comes to my best drumstick brand, Vic Firth:

1) Vic Firth SD2 – Bolero

vic firth is the best drumstick brand

Vic Firth American Custom SD2 Bolero Drumsticks

The Vic Firth “SD2 – Bolero” is a very general stick with a medium-sized shaft and a smaller bead, making it functional on the drum set as well as great for technique development on a practice pad. This is my first recommendation for general technique development and drum set playing. This drumstick is also great for playing most types of softer jazz. This is my favorite stick from the best drumstick brand.

Many of the top drum set pros around the world have custom models named after them. Vic Firth calls this their “Signature Series.” All the models in this series work very well for drum set playing. Although the shafts are a bit smaller than the SD2, they are still substantial enough for good technique development, and they feel great moving around the drum kit. I have five favorite models in this “Signature Series” by the Vic Firth brand that I have used myself

2) Vic Firth SDW – Dave Weckle

who makes the best drumstick brand

Vic Firth Signature Series Dave Weckl (SDW)

The Dave Weckl signature drumstick is one of my favorite brands and models for speed drumming as well as building up my speed technique. What I like in particular about this drumstick by Vic Firth is the wide sound it produces most notably on the cymbals but also on the drums too. This is most likely due to the type of tip it has which is the barrel-tip. Having said that, for a wooden tip this drumstick is quite bright sounding.

3) Vic Firth SSG – Steve Gadd 

what is the best drumstick brand

Vic Firth Signature Series Steve Gadd (SSG)

In my opinion, one of the greatest live sessions drummers of all time has to be Steve Gadd. He has signature drumstick by Vic Firth which I really like. Steve Gadd has played for some of the biggest names in music covering a wide variety of genres. As a result, his signature drumstick has been designed to be able to cover the most different types of drumming styles and genres. It has a barrel tip and can be purchased in either black or natural color finish. This is a great overall drumstick by a great brand.

4) SRH Ralph Hardiman

best drumstick brand for marching

Vic Firth Corpsmaster Signature Ralph Hardimon

If your objective is to become a great rudimental player, I would highly recommend you do all of the technique development in these lessons with full size “3-S” marching snare sticks. If you are preparing to audition for your high school or college drumline, or even a top drum and bugle corps, this is the best way to go. Again, I like the products made by Vic Firth. They have many different models in their “Corpsmaster Series.” One of My Favorite is the “Ralph Hardiman” SRH Model. This stick is 17 inches in length and has a great feel. I know players who really like other models in the Corpsmaster series such as Murray Gusseck(SMG), Tom Float(STF), Thom Hannum(STH), and Jeff Queen(SJQ). I have tried them all and any of these sticks will work great as well.

Prefered Models By Promark

My Top Recommendations for full-size rudimental sticks are made by promark. I use these extensively and really like their weight and feel. Either of these sticks will serve you very well.

5) Promark TXDC17W – Scott Johnson

Promark is the best drumstick brand

Promark American Hickory TXDC17W

Carrying on with the Drum corps theme from the last entry on this list, we have a signature drumstick for Scott Johnson. Scott Johnson has been a renowned drummer for decades in the world of drum corps. This drumstick for me personally is the best to be used for snare drum work. In particular, marching drum types of snares. Being the type of stick that it is, it is generally thicker and longer than most sticks like 5A or 7A.

6) Promark TXDC18IW – Jeff Ausdemore

review the best drumstick brand

Promark TXDC18IW 5A Drumsticks

For practicing and developing certain skills in drumming, I like to use and recommend this Promark Jeff Ausdemore signature drumstick. What I like about this stick is the rebound and how well it bounces which is why I like using them to practice my drum strokes. I can attribute these characteristics of this drumstick due to the fast way in which it responds and the thin design of stick itself. This Promark brand signature stick is often regarded as a drum marching snare stick however I feel it is a lot more versatile and can be used for so much more.

Drumstick Brands To Avoid?

In my opinion, most top drumstick manufacturers produce decent sticks so if you see Zildjian, Promark, Vi Firth, Vater, Nova etc then you can safely assume they’re decent brands. But be very cautious that you don’t end up buying junk out of the bargain barrel.

These are usually poorly balanced, and about as straight as a tree branch. Roll them on a tabletop, to make sure they are straight. Another great test is to hold each stick up to your ear and tap it with your fingernail.

Listen to the pitch or tone. This reveals the wood density. If both sticks are not close to the same pitch or tone, they will not be well balanced in weight.

If you can’t find Promark or Vic Firth models, then make sure they are at least 16” long and are of the “5A” or “5B” class. Stay away from the smaller models such as “7A” in the beginning.

Anatomy of a Drumstick

anatomy of the drumstick - what makes the best drumstick brand

Each of these four parts affects the feel, response and overall sound of a drum stick. As you get more experience, you will develop your own preferences and tastes. Start off with some of the recommendations I have made above, then explore and experiment with different products that meet the needs of the music you are playing.

Concluding My  Best Drumstick Brand

Get a great pair of sticks! You are going to spend hours and hours with these puppies in your hands and you want to not only enjoy it but be using drumsticks that will help you develop to your greatest potential!

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