Best Drumstick Bags and Holders

What Are The Best Drumstick Bags?

reviewing the best drumstick bags

When it comes to the best drumstick bags, there are plenty to choose from. I am going to discuss the many advantages of having a drumstick bag.

As well as outline my top 5 best drum stick bags that I’ve come across and used in my time drumming.

The stick bag is a piece of equipment that will become more and more necessary as you advance in the world of drumming.

However, beginners all the way to the professional drummer can make use of one of the many different bags for drumsticks there are on the market.

Promark Transport DeluxeYMC Drumstick BagMono Protective Stick Bag
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What Is A Drumstick Bag?

One can think of the drumstick bag as a toolbox. The same way in which an electrician will carry a toolbox, so would a drummer with his/her drum stick bag. These are specially designed cases made to hold, contain and carry a multitude of different drumsticks and percussion mallets.

What Is The Need and Advantages of a Drumstick Case?

There are many advantages and reasons why a drummer would need to make use of a stick bag or drumstick case. These include:

Containing Your Drumsticks:

First and foremost, the stick is meant to fulfill the obvious need for containing and holding your drumsticks. Also, it is exceptionally common to find that drummers will make use of different types of drumsticks for different applications. For example, Jazz drumsticks will differ from drumsticks for metal¬†as an example. So if you’re a drummer that plays or experiments with different styles then a stick bag would be necessary.


Also, any half-decent gigging drummer will always keep a spare set or two with them at all times. This even applies to practices as well. Because drumsticks are very prone to breaking. And, if you only have one set with you, you’ll find yourself in trouble trying to be like one-armed Rick Allen.

Protect Your Drumsticks:

Drumsticks are made out of wood and, if handled incorrectly, can get broken easily. Even from non-drum-related incidents. Therefore, a drumstick bag will protect your sticks and avoid this. Albeit, some bags protect better than others. However, I’ll get to that in my review of these below.

best drum stick bag

Things to look for in a Stick and Mallet Bag

When buying a drumstick carrying case, there are some factors that you should consider. Because ultimately your needs will dictate what kind of bag you’ll want to purchase. For example, the beginner drummer playing at home will most likely want a simple stick holder, Whereas the traveling professional drummer will need/want the best stick bag with all the features.

That being said, the elements to consider are:

  1. The number of sticks the bag can hold.
  2. What Kind of material is the stick bag made from
  3. Does it have the ability to attach or hang from the floor tom?
  4. Extra features such as pockets, zips, padding, straps, etc

With those four points above, it should be a lot easier to figure out which particular model you’ll prefer.

My best drumstick bags review:

Below is a review of some of the best drumstick carrying case stick bags I’ve used and tried. This is all a personal opinion but I believe will help you make the best choice when it comes to buying one of these drumstick holders.

1) Promark Transport Deluxe Review


drumstick carrying case

>>See The Price Of The Promark Transport Deluxe Here<<

My favorite stick bag is undoubtedly the Promark Transport Deluxe. A far as I’m concerned, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to capacity, features as well as affordability, and function. Besides its epic functionality, this drumstick holder is definitely the most stylish one on the market (if that means anything to you). It is everything you could want from a drumstick holder.

How Many Drumsticks Can The Promark Hold?

This drumstick bag has the capacity to fit anywhere from 7 – 12 pairs of drumsticks depending on the size.

mallet bagWhat Is This Transport Deluxe Made From?

This bag has been crafted out of “ballistic” nylon which makes it semi-protected from the harsh elements. Also, it is made from a type of synthetic leather which gives it the great look.

Does it Attach To The Floor Tom?

Yes, it most certainly does. And, to go a step further, the mounts are made from metal which will easily attach to any floor tom.

Features Of The Promark Transport Deluxe:

This percussion stick bag has by far the most features out of all the bags I have tried. These include handles that are secured by two magnets. Furthermore, it has a big pocket in the front and a small zip pocket inside. As well as a place to keep business cards and a pouch for your phone, wallet or in-ear monitors. And finally, a key lease so that you can keep your drum keys with you.

2) YMC Pro Large Drumstick Bag

large drumstick bag

>>See The Price Of The YMC Bag Here<<

More often than not, a drumstick case or bag can be quite pricey. And, if you’re only looking for something simple, then this YMC bag for drumsticks is the best choice for you. Whilst this is my top budget bag, it is one that can be utilized by drummers of all levels. And despite the low price tag, it still comes loaded with quite a lot of features. And, you get a lot of bags for what you paying.

How Many Sticks Can the YMC Hold?

This has one of the highest stick capacity on this list. Which is quite incredible considering it is the cheapest one. It can hold around 16 pairs of sticks.

stick bag essentialsWhat Material is it Made from?

This bag is made from nylon with a built-in foam for extra protection and padding for your sticks. Also, this material is somewhat resistant to water.

Can the YMC Bag Attach to a floor tom?

Yet another awesome thing about this cheap drumstick bag is that is can also attach to a floor tom making it perfect for live gigs and practices on the move.

Features of the YMC

Some features of this percussion stick bag include two pen holders, a front pocket as well as a large book-sized pocket for your tablature or tablet depending on your needs.

3) Mono M80 Percussion Stick Bag

Mono protective drumstick bag

>>See The Price Of The Mono M80 Bag<<

If ultimate protection for your drumsticks is what you’re looking for. Then, this stick bag for drumsticks by Mono is definitely the right choice for you. It offers the most protection by far with its super padded build. Also, it is one of the best-looking and coolest stick bags in my opinion.

With that said, it still provides all the functionality one would need out of a bag. It is clearly a very well thought out and carefully designed drumstick bag with all the bells and whistles done in an elegant and classy way. This is also a fantastic choice for traveling or touring drummer as it offers the most protection.

4) Zildjian Drumstick Bag Deluxe

zildjian drumstick bag

>>See The Price Of The Zildjian bag<<

I absolutely love Zildjian as a cymbal brand. In fact, they are quite possibly my favorite cymbal manufacturer of all time. However, when it comes to their drumsticks I am not the biggest fan. The same happens to go for this Zildjian stick bag. I mean, there is nothing wrong with it at all.

It still does the job of being a mallet bag and a drumstick case. But, it just lacks something special like the Promark and Mono models have. In my opinion, there are other cool drumstick bags available out there.

Nonetheless, this is still a good quality stick bag that will most likely last you a long time. You know that you will be getting quality because Zildjian is a great brand.

5) Vic Firth Drumstick Backpack

vic firth drumstick backpack

>>See The Price Of The Vic Firth Bag Here<<

The Vic Firth Stick Bag is my favorite for gigging and personal storage. Honestly, this can fit just about all your drumsticks and mallets for the road, studio, or at home.

What makes this different from the other drumstick holders is that it can be carried around your shoulder like a backpack. It is this transportation reason that made it my first choice holder for gigs.

Furthermore, it can also easily be attached to your floor tom so you have full access to all your sticks when you get behind the drum kit. You know what you’re getting with Vic Firth because they are one of the best drumstick brands in my opinion.

More Cool Drumstick Bags

I reviewed 5 different drumstick holders above. However, there are many more cool drumstick bags that I have tried over the years. I know sometimes a lot of choices is a bad thing. But there were just some stick bags that got their feelings hurt for leaving off this list. So, I decided to mend their broken hearts and review some more percussion stick bags for you.

6) Leather Drumstick Bag and Backpack

leather drumstick case

>>See The Price Of The Leather Bag Here<<

To be frank, I have not yet tried this leather drumstick bag. But, it is at the top of my wishlist at this very moment. I became obsessed with the look and style of this leather stick bag. Not only is the holder good looking and stylish but, it is also made from 100% leather so you are guaranteed an accessory that will last you a long time.

Also, there are a ton of features “packed” into this bag. Like most bags, this leather one can be attached to your floor tom. Furthermore, there are two sets of front pockets for extra storage of cellphones, keys, drum gloves, and wallets. Lastly, it has a sling so essentially, it can be used as a drumstick backpack.

7) Vater Drumstick Holder

best drumstick holders

>>See The Price Of The Vater Here<<

Now, this Vater drumstick holder is slightly different from bags and backpacks. What the holders for drumsticks do, is attached to any of your cymbal stands and provides a place for drummers to keep and access their drumsticks at any given time.

This is one of those important drum accessories that will serve drummers well when playing live. Especially for those drummers that drop a lot of sticks during a performance. Investing a minuscule amount of money into a drumstick holder will definitely help you out in this regard.

8) Ahead Drumstick Case

percussion stick bag

>>See The Price Of The Ahead Case Here<<

This Ahead drumstick bag is more of a case than it is a bag. However, its function is exactly the same as all others and that is to protect, contain and transport your drumsticks. This Ahead stick bag, in particular, will most likely give your drumsticks the most protection out of all the others reviewed here.

It is cylinder-shaped and can be hung from your floor tom for easy access to your sticks and mallets. Despite what this case may look like, it can contain up to 30 pairs of your drumsticks or 20 percussion mallets.

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