Best Drumming Gloves In 2021

drum glovesWhether you are a drummer just starting out. Or,  you’ve been playing the drums for a long time. The chances are that you’ve experienced some form of pain on your hands as a result of holding the drumsticks.

Whatever the reason, sore hands cannot only hamper you practicing. But, it can also put you off playing drums as a whole.

Therefore, deciding to use drumming gloves might come us a question for you. There seems to be quite a lot of debate amongst drummers regarding the use of drum gloves. There are those that endorse the use of these gloves drumming. And then, there are those purists who believe that gloves are nothing but a gimmick and a hindrance.

It doesn’t matter which side you choose. At the end of the day, drum gloves are here to stay. And if you believe that these will enhance your drumming. Which they most certainly will. Then, I highly recommend trying out any one of the pairs that I recommend below.

What Are The Best Drum Gloves?

1)Vic Firth Drum Gloves

vic firth drummer's gloves

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When it comes to genuine leather drum gloves. I opt for the Vic Firths. They have been crafted out of the finest leather. Cabretta to be precise. Which provides an unprecedented feel. And, lasts longer than most gloves on the market. Synthetic gloves tend to have a reputation of not lasting as long as leather ones. In my experience, this tends to be true. However, that is not always the case. Having said that, the Vic Firths are my favorite leather drum gloves. Also, I happen to love Vic Firth’s drumsticks and believe them to be one of the best drumstick brands around. And, their gloves are no exception.

A unique feature of the Vic Firth gloves is that they provide enhanced grip over the thumb as well as the index finger. These are the two fingers that are responsible for the most movement and control when it comes to holding the drumstick. Therefore, to have these reinforced with extra grip makes such a big difference to the overall stability felt from wearing these gloves. I can’t say enough about them.

2) Tama Gloves For Drummers

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Not much is mentioned about the Tama gloves on the internet. And to be honest, I’m not quite sure why. Because these have actually become my best drumming gloves for all purposes. I had never considered Tama as a brand that makes great accessories. However, a drumming friend recommended them to me I have yet to look back since. I’m not a fan of synthetic leather as you might know. However, this is by far the best quality synthetic material I’ve come across. They feel just like the real thing. As a result, I experience a lot less slippage and moving around of the drumstick. I urge you all to try out a pair of these and let me know your feedback in the comments below.

3) Vater Drummer’s Gloves

vater drummers gloves

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The Vater brand is by far most well-known for its incredible quality drumsticks. And, this “golden thread” is meant to come through in the design of Vater’s gloves for drummers. However, I struggle to find the same quality in these as I do with their drumsticks. You see, the problem is that these do not provide the grip you would want. nay, expect from a pair of drum gloves. And in actual fact, feel more to like I’m wearing golf gloves than I am drum gloves. Having said that, I like that they are breathable and let air in. However, with synthetic leather and all the other complaints. I’d go for something else instead. On the plus side. I did tend to feel better flexibility with these than others. So it has that going for it which is nice.

4) Zildjian Drumming Gloves

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If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a set of gloves. Look no further than these by Zildjian. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend these for the amateur or seasoned professional, they’re most definitely suitable enough for practice and home use. An awesome feature of the Zildjian is that the palm of the gloves is made from a comfy leather which provides an incredibly soft feel.

Furthermore, your wrists are fully supported by the bands that make up the bottom part of these gloves. This provides further stability and control over the drumsticks.

One thing that I did experience with these gloves is that after about 30 minutes of use. The palm of my hands became black from the inside of the glove. This is not a big deal to me at all. Because I used to play golf and the same thing would happen when I used a black glove. It is just the nature of them and shouldn’t be a factor to put you off.

5) Meinl Fingerless Drummer Gloves

meinl fingerless drummer gloves

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The Meinl company is one of the most well known in the percussion as well as cymbal world. They are also a fine maker of drumming accessories. Which include these gloves from them. What makes the Meinl gloves different from any other on the market. Are the fact that they have a fingerless design. Well, half finger to be precise. This means that the gloves only cover the part of your hands which need protection. The rest of your fingers become free. This makes the gloves feel more like you are playing naturally. As well as without a glove. It is the removal of the top finger of the gloves that make this one of the most popular choices of drum gloves on the marker.

If that wasn’t enough, there is another epic feature built into these gloves. So, one of the problems that many drummers experience with drumming gloves is sweat. Luckily, companies such as Meinl have designed breathable gloves. Such as these ones. Which reduce sweat and allow for more air to pass through. Resulting in a much more pleasant drumming experience. It is definitely worth pointing out that whilst these are the fingerless option. Meinl makes the same gloves but with a covered finger. Much like the rest of the products on this list.

6) Promark DG Drumming Glove

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The Promark DG percussion gloves are a relatively new addition to my world. However, I believe they have actually been around for quite some time now. I’ m surprised that I hadn’t tried these before. Out of all the gloves I tried, I’d have to say that these provided better wrist support. That is probably because it features a nifty design which allows the drummer to set the tension around his/her wrist. Furthermore, there are 8  pads. Which have been strategically designed and put on various places around the glove to enhance grip. And, like most other drummer’s gloves featured here, these include mesh which helps with air circulation and ultimately, minimize sweat. I have only had these gloves for a short period. However, I have heard some drummer’s complain about them breaking after some time. I believe this is to be expected after heavy use.

7) Ahead Gloves For Drums

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After trying the Promark sets above, I decided to see if there were other sets that provided superior wrist support too. I discovered these by Ahead. I am indeed impressed with their wrist support design. And, the protection that these give with regards to blisters and calluses are great. However, I found them to feel somewhat bulky in my hands. Especially when compared to other drummer’s gloves here. But that is merely a personal preference. Because there is a lot of drummer’s that really enjoy using the Ahead set.

8) D’s Drummer’s Gloves

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One of the biggest complaints drummers makes when it comes to these products. Is that they aren’t able to feel the drumsticks. As I have mentioned, for some, the gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the sticks. Which for many pursuits is seen as a negative thing. Well, to combat this issue. The D’s drumming gloves are available and they are completely different from any other pair or set I have seen. These only cover the essential part of your hand. Such as your thumb, index finger, and palm only. These are the parts that are responsible for controlling and holding the drumsticks. The rest of your fingers and hand is free. Thus, improving the way you control the stick as well as enhance the feeling of them in your hands. Furthermore, the mesh and leather design make this one of the most breathable and antiperspirant gloves I have yet to try.

Drumming Gloves Pros and Cons

I don’t take sides when it comes to this topic. Firstly, Because I understand both parties. And secondly, some of each sides argument tend to contradict one another. However, what I can say is that if I were to choose. I’d lean towards using the gloves. This is because, whilst there are some drawbacks, I believe the benefits outweigh the negatives by far.



One of the main uses of drumming gloves is to enhance the grip between your hand and the drumstick. When playing drums, we tend to start sweating. And thus, our palms get sweaty too. As a result, there becomes an unwanted movement between your hand and the drumsticks. Which leads to an unstable and inconsistent grip overall. Also, unwanted movement between the hand and sticks causes friction. Which as we know, leads to blisters. Therefore, wearing gloves will ensure that the drumstick stays in the exact place within your hands at all times. Thus, not only improving grip. But only control as well.

Blister and Calluses

At one point or other, all drummers will have experienced blisters and calluses as a result of holding the drumsticks. These can be incredibly painful. And as I have already mentioned, can result in the lack of motivation to get behind a drumkit. This is the last thing we want. Therefore, if you have a soft and sensitive hand, drum gloves could be the perfect solution for you. Another pro to point out is that if you’re a professional drummer. You might find yourself in a position whereby you have a blister. But, you have to play a show. Instead of playing through the pain and causing further damage. Drummers can make use of gloves to cover these. Getting blisters, as well as calluses, are just a part of drumming. So if you are a beginner, I definitely recommend trying to get your hands as hard and tough as possible before venturing into the world of gloves.

Shock Absorber

As crazy as this may sound. Gloves for drumming can be used to absorb the shock that comes with hitting the drums hard. I’m not sure if you ever experienced this. But, hitting the drums harder than necessary can often cause a jolt or vibration that runs all the way up to your arm. This can get exceptionally uncomfortable. And therefore, using gloves can combat some of these problems.


Lack Feel

using gloves can hinder your “feel”. The term feel is quite hard to put into words. However, think about it like this. Try typing on your cellphone with gloves. It’s not the most pleasant experience, right? Well, the same could apply for drum gloves in that some drummers feel that they get in the way. Whilst it most certainly does come down to personal preference, I truly believe that with some practice. Any drummer can get used to gloves.

Control and Nuances

Following on from the theme above. Achieving control and nuances could be hampered by applying gloves to your set up. However, this is the only opinion and is up for debate. It is just the argument that many purists in the drumming community make.

Using Motorcycle, Bicycle Or Golf Gloves

So I have tried and reviewed the many pairs that have been specially made for drums. However, there are still a lot of drummers in the world that use other types of gloves. For example, as I’ve mentioned, golf gloves are extremely popular for drummers. An example of a drummer that uses these would be Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band. Furthermore, I know some drummers that use a bicycle or even motorcycle gloves to achieve the same thing. I for one must admit that I prefer sticking to the products that have been specially made and designed for drums and drumming in general.

Grip Tape

I’ve recently discovered another option. Especially for those drummers that just can’t wrap their heads around the concept of drum gloves. Well, the discovery is Grip tape for your drumsticks. Various drum companies have their own versions. However, their function remains the same. Essentially they’re like tennis grips. You wrap them around your drumsticks. And they provide better control, feel and grip. I should point out that these aren’t nearly as protective as gloves are. However, they’ll still enhance your grip, etc.


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