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You’ve found yourself at Drumstick Central. We’re a website/blog that offers free drum lessons. As well as a whole host of Drums and drum gear reviews. As our name suggests, we also specialize in drumsticks. This includes reviewing them as well as providing free information regarding one of the most important drumming tools around.

Drum Gear Reviews

Here at Drumstick Central, you can be guaranteed of one thing. And that thing is the best drum gear reviews on the internet. We cover all topics including the drums themselves, cymbals, drum hardware, stands & mounts electronic drums as well as the vast array of drum accessories like stick bags and stands that come with playing drums.

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Drumstick Reviews

As I had already mentioned above, our name would suggest we are only about drumsticks. Whilst this would have been true a few years back, we have now expanded to include other drum reviews. Having said that, it was actually drumstick reviews that caused the birth of this website and brand. For that reason, we still have only the top drumstick reviews around.

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Free Drum Lessons Online

As a way of giving back to the community, I decided to provide some exceptionally informative drum lessons that will help anyone from beginner drummers to the seasoned veterans around. Back in my day, there was no internet and we had to learn from people in real life. Due to the fact that information is so accessible via the internet, I am providing free drum lessons online. As you can see below, there are some great articles here sure to help any drummer out there.

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